Perennial Ryegrass

Ideal for home lawns, athletic fields, and many other applications, our turf-type perennial ryegrass varieties are all bred with improved disease resistance. Let us help you round out your turf lineup with the right choice for your region and customers’ needs. Contact us to learn more about our current inventory.

  • Signet

    Turf-type Perennial Ryegrass

    Our newest grey-leaf spot resistant variety.

  • Shield

    Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass

    New elite variety bred for gorgeous turf with very high disease resistance.

  • Nexus GT

    Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass

    Nexus GT has great color, traffic tolerance and more. For GREAT TURF, choose Nexus GT!

  • Nexus XR

    Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass

    Nexus XR is extra disease and traffic resistant with superb color!

  • Nexus XD

    Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass

    Dark green has been redefined in Nexus XD.

  • Diamond Perennial Ryegrass Blend

    Perennial Ryegrass Blend

    Three of our premium varieties blended together in our eye-catching packaging