Wholesale Seed

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    We’ve got your cool-season turfgrass needs covered with both top-rated proprietaries to price-competitive publics, all available individually, in standard mix formulas, or in customized blends to suit your distribution region and your customer’s needs.

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    We have a wide selection of cool-season forage grasses and legumes to help you provide your customers with the right selections for their needs. Our proprietary grasses, pre-inoculated clovers, and multi-purposes vetches are just a few of the options we offer. Combined with a wide range of commodity forages, we can help you service your entire clientele.

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    Cover Crops

    We’ve been providing cover crop seed to distributors for nearly 50 years. Now, we have a full suite of common seeds as well as specialty proprietary genetics to help you really dial in your cover crop offerings to build soil, retain moisture, and reduce weeds.  All are available in small and bulk bags, straight or blended, raw or coated.

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    Whether you need individual seed ingredients or a full-scale wildlife program, we’ve got an extensive line-up that will provide performance formulas at affordable prices. From pollinator attractors to antler-building grasses and brassicas, our offerings will help you attract more wildlife customers.