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Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the ideal place to grow cool-season seed crops. Our farmers are amongst the finest in the world. And, we know how to get your genetics produced to your standards.

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Seed is what we do!

Based in the heart of the Willamette Valley of Oregon, we are located in the perfect place for seed production of cool season grasses and legumes, including fescues, ryegrasses, orchardgrasses, clovers and other legumes. For nearly 60 years we have had our hands in seed production, harvest, cleaning and shipping. Our long-standing reputation amongst the region's growers allows us to pick from the finest growers, not only for our own productions, but also for yours.

We place and manage acres for customers worldwide. We understand both domestic and international quality standards. We also honor our customer’s ownership of genetics and place a high value on protecting your interests. If you have your own genetics and are looking for a one-stop shop to have your seed produced, cleaned, packaged and shipped – you’ve come to the right place.