Nexus XR Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass

Nexus XR has very dark green turf, exceptional traffic tolerance and improved disease resistance.

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Dark Green Color

Nexus XR's deep, dark-green, dense turf and extra disease resistance makes Nexus XR ideal for use on fairways, athletic fields, home lawns, high traffic areas, and other locations where high quality, dark turf is desired. Nexus XR is also perfect for adding dark brilliant color to a bluegrass or tall fescue mixture and for blending with other perennial ryegrasses for overseeding applications.


Genetic Color Ratings (Top 10 Scores)


Nexus XD7.6
Pick 02-R7.6
Nexus XR7.5
Cabo II7.4
PM 1027.4
Nexus XR perennial ryegrass

Traffic Tolerance

Many turf applications have extra pressure from wheel or foot traffic. With Nexus XR, you can expect fairway-quality turfgrass that can withstand the extra pressure. Data from multiple states shows that Nexus XR can handle the stress of heavy traffic. In Nebraska, Nexus XR was the top scoring variety in trials that applied 8-12 passes a week (Aug-Sept) with a wheeled golf traffic simulator.

Disease Resistance & Other Strengths

Nexus XR provides improved resistance to a wide variety of diseases, including: brown patch, red thread, pythium blight, pink and other snow mold and anthracno.

Nexus XR has also shown good resistance to winter temperatures, weed and poa annua pressure, as well as tolerance to the herbicide Velocity (bispyribac-sodium).

National Performance


Performance Data


Categories Statistically Equal To The Highest Rated Variety'04-09
Quality - Schedule CX
Quality - North Central RegionX
Quality - Upper W. Mountain RegionX
Quality - Traffic Stress, MIX
Quality - Traffic Stress, NEX
Quality - Traffic Stress, NYX
Genetic ColorX
Summer ColorX
Leaf TextureX
Spring GreenupX
Spring DensityX
Summer DensityX
Winter SurvivabilityX
Red Thread ResistanceX
Warm Temp. Brown Patch Resist.X
Pythium Blight ResistanceX
Pink Snow Mold ResistanceX
Snow Mold ResistanceX
Typhula Blight/Gray Snow Mold Resist.X
Anthracnose ResistanceX
Seedhead RatingX
Winterkill ResistanceX
Velocity ResistanceX

Complete results available at NTEP.

Enhance Your Seed

We provide an array of seed enhancements, including bio stimulants, macro and micronutrients, water absorbents, fungicides, and colorants. These are available for all seed types and uses.

coated perennial ryegrass seed

Planting Instructions

For ideal turf, plant Nexus XR on fertile, neutral pH soils during the cooler seasons of the year, such as spring and fall. If needing to plant during other times, plan on additional overseeding.

Seeding Rate

New Lawns
5-7 lbs/1000 sqft
3-5 lbs/1000 sqft

Planting Dates

Spring and early fall

Planting Map

Planting Depth


Optimal pH



5-10 days

Mowing Height