We Help Seed Distributors Grow.

For over 60 years we have been providing quality seed and innovative services at affordable prices to seed companies worldwide. We have the knowledge, ability and passion to serve our customers rapidly, accurately and dependably.

Graphic showing the different seed offered by Smith Seed.

Your Source For Cool Season Seed

Our core business is providing cool-season seeds for turf, forage, cover crop, and wildlife, usage to wholesale seed distributors. Our wide offerings include top performing proprietary genetics as well as price-competitive commodities. With our extensive grower network, we offer everything from spot sales to multi-year production contracts and regional marketing agreements.

One Company, Many Solutions.

We produce seed. We package seed. We coat seed. We breed seed. We haul and store seed. We integrate the many facets of seed production, distribution, and marketing with an array of complementary services including coating, private label packaging, shipping, contract production and product licensing. We build lifetime relationships around honesty, reliability and a focus to help our customers grow their business. One company with lots of answers. That’s Smith Seed Services.

Graphic showing the different services offered by Smith Seed.