Shield Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass

A new elite turf-type perennial ryegrass bred for gorgeous turf with very high resistance to gray leaf spot, rust, and summer stress.

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Shield was specifically bred from germplasm known to have high survivability in hot, humid regions crossed with plants highly resistant to gray leaf spot, stem rust and other disease. Further screenings have produced a ryegrass you can plant with confidence. Great turf that will endure the elements and stand tuff against disease.

Rutgers University

Gray Leaf Spot

Adelphi, NJ



Highest Score8.7
Overdrive 5G8.0
Amazing A+7.0
Green Supreme7.0
Revenge GLX4.7
Monterey 42.3
Goalkeeper II2.0
Palmer III2.0

Quality Turf

Shield is ideal for use on home lawns, high traffic areas, athletic fields, fairways, and other locations where attractive, disease resistant perennial ryegrass is desired. Shield can easily be combined with elite bluegrasses, fine and tall fescues.

Rutgers University

Turf Quality

Adelphi, NJ



Highest Score6.9
Overdrive 5G6.4
Amazing A+5.8
Green Supreme5.5
Revenge GLX4.7
Monterey 43.6
Palmer III2.9
Goalkeeper II2.6
Shield Perennial ryegrass up close

National Trials

Shield is currently being evaluated throughout the country under the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP). The first year report shows good turf quality throughout the country, as well as good resistances to crown rust, pink snow mold, winter kill and drought. Shield is recommended variety in Virginia and Maryland.

National Turfgrass Evaluation Program

Performance Data


Quality Group 1xx
Quality Group 2xx
Quality All Locationsx
Quality Schedule Axx
Quality Schedule Bxx
Quality Schedule Cx
Quality Northeastx
Quality Transitionxx
Quality North Centralxxx
Upper West/Mountain (Logan, UT)
South West (Fresno, CA)x
Pacific Region (Corvallis, OR)
% Bare Cover, Traffic - Blacksburg, VAx
Drought - Logan, UTxx
Salt Tolerance - Fort Collins, CO
Genetic Color
Fall Colorx
Spring Greenupxx
Seedling Vigorx
Seedling Vigor - Manhattan, KSx
% Ground Cover Springxx
% Ground Cover Summer
% Ground Cover Fallx
% Ground Cover SpSuFa - Fargo, ND
Red Threadx
Crown Rust, NJx
Gray Leaf Spot, NJ
Pink Snow Mold, UTxx
Fall Color Retention, ILx
Traffic, Blacksburgx
% Establishmentx
% Establishment - Fargo, ND
% Establishment - Logan, UTx
% Divot Recovery - Lexington, KYx
Winter Kill, MN (17), IL (19)xx
Quality Dec - Fresno, CAx

*Where Shield was statistically equal to the highest rated variety.

National Turfgrass Evaluation Program

Performance Data


Fresno, CAxxx
Storrs, CTxxx
Ames, IAxxx
Urbana, ILxx
Manhattan, KSx
Lexington, KYxx
Traffic - Amherst, MA
College Park, MDx
East Lansing, MIxx
St. Paul, MNxxx
Columbia, MOxx
Mead, NExxx
Adelphi, NJ
Corvallis, ORx
Quality Traffic - Corvallis, ORxx
Logan, UT
Blackburg, VAxx
Quality Traffic - Madison, WIxxx

*Where Shield was statistically equal to the highest quality rating.

Enhance Your Seed

We provide an array of seed enhancements, including bio stimulants, macro and micronutrients, water absorbents, fungicides, and colorants. These are available for all seed types and uses.

coated perennial ryegrass seed

Planting Instructions

For ideal turf, plant Shield on fertile, neutral pH soils during the cooler seasons of the year, such as spring and fall. If needing to plant during other times, plan on additional overseeding.

Seeding Rate

Home Lawns (New)
5-8 lbs/1000 sqft
Home Lawns (Overseeding)
5-8 lbs/1000 sqft
Athletic Fields (New)
9-15 lbs/1000 sqft
Athletic Fields (Overseeding)
12-18 lbs/1000 sqft
Tees (New)
9-15 lbs/1000 sqft
Tees (Overseeding)
12-18 lbs/1000 sqft
Fairways (New)
225-350 lbs/acre
Fairways (Overseeding)
300-425 lbs/acre
Greens (Overseeding)
25-35 lbs/1000 sqft

Planting Dates

Spring and fall.

Planting Map