Storage & Hauling

Our shipping staff, facilities, and equipment are some of the best in the industry, allowing us to ship significant volumes of seed daily. We offer many options to cover your transportation and storage needs.

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Always On The Move For Our Customers

For nearly all of our 60-years of existence, we have participated in the movement and storage of seed in the Willamette Valley. As we have grown, and the industry has grown, we have developed an integrated trucking fleet for inter-Willamette Valley shipping, as well as seed storage options.

We have over one dozen tractor-trailers providing timely pickup and delivery for:

  • port and rail inbound/outbound transportation,
  • inter-Willamette Valley shipment,
  • farm site seed pickup

We have railroad sidings and staffed boxcar loaders. Additionally, we have multiple shipping locations and warehouses, with space available for monthly contract storage.