White Clover

White clover perennial clover is widely adapted to many kinds of growing conditions.! It can be used for grazing and many other applications. We offer top-performing varieties, as well as many public varieties in all categories, including Dutch white, ladino, and intermediate growth types. Seed is sold in bulk totes or smaller bag to match your needs. While we sell raw, we strongly recommend purchasing with our Nitro-Coat® pre-inoculant and coating for optimal biomass and root production.

  • Marco Polo

    Large-Leafed White Clover

    Marco Polo is a large-leafed white clover known for quick establishment and winter growth.

  • Kakariki

    Intermediate White Clover

    Kakariki is a large-leafed, multi-use white clover boasting high stolon density, high yields and excellent rooting.

  • Renovation

    Intermediate White Clover

    MORE stolons. WIDER leaves. Better animal performance. The Super Stoloniferous Solution!

  • Dutch white clover in a field

    Dutch White Clover

    Trifolium repens f. hollandicum

    With smaller leaves and short height, these are best for in grazing and unmowed areas.

  • white clover

    Ladino Clover

    Trifolium repens var. giganteum

    The tallest and largest leaf group of white clovers, ideal for hay and mixtures with taller species.