Turf-Type Tall Fescue

Hudson offers excellent turf quality, dark green color, disease resistance, and better ability to tolerate many different types of soil.

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Quality and Adaptation

Hudson is a selection out of germplasm that included established turf plots where plants were exhibiting "Superior turf quality during the hot humid summer months when the heat stress, brown patch and pythium diseases were the most severe." This selection process has created a variety that's beautifully strong! Independent data from around the country shows Hudson to be very suitable to many climates and multiple applications. In 2009-10, Hudson was added to the "Promising Variety" category of the Maryland-Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendation list.


Performance Data

Quality - Schedule B X  
Quality - Southeast X  
Quality - Upper West/Mountain XXX
Quality - Southwest XXX
Quality - North Central  X 
Quality Shade, Carbondale, IL X X
Ground Cover Drought,SDX   
Sod Strength - VA Beach, VAXX  
Quality - Saline Irrigation, NM XXX
Genetic ColorXX X
Spring Density XX 
Summer DensityX   
Summer Ground CoverX X 
Fall Ground Cover XX 
Drought Tolerance - wiltingX   
Drought Tolerance - dormancy    
Drought, Brookings, SDX X 
Brown Patch (cool temp.) X X
Brown Patch (Traffic, NJ)  X 
Red Thread Resistance   X
Pink Snow Mold Resistance   X
Fall Color (Sept)  XX
Fall Color (Oct)XXXX
Fall Color (Nov)X   
Fall Color (Dec)XX  
Winter Survivability  X 
Percent Spring Green Up X  
Percent Establishment (TX)X   
Brown Patch TNX   
Complete results available at www.ntep.org.
*Hudson rates statistically equal to the highest score


Performance Data

Fayetteville, AR X X
Sunnyvale, CAX   
Griffin, GAXX  
Carbondale, ILXX X
Urbana, IL  X 
W. Layfayette, INXX  
Wichita, KS XXX
College Park, MDX   
St Paul, MNX XX
Columbia, MOXX X
Mississippi State, MSX X 
Mead, NEXXX 
Las Cruces, NMXXXX
Las Cruces, NM (Saline Water) XXX
Kingston, RI XXX
Brookings, SD  X 
Knoxville, TN XX 
Dallas, TXXX  
Logan, UT XX 
Blacksburg, VAXXXX
VA Beach, VAXX X
Madison, WIXX  
Complete results available at www.ntep.org.
*Where Hudson is statistically equal to the highest quality rating

Dark Green Color

Hudson's rich dark green color is a benefit to any lawn. It's natural deep green color keeps lawns looking great even into the late fall and when limited nutrients are used.


Color Data


VarietyGenetic ColorColor (Oct)Color (Dec)
Highest Score7.56.76.4
Cochise IV6.96.15.6
Falcon V6.66.46.0
Rebel IV6.66.35.7
LDS value0.310.9
Complete results available at www.ntep.org.

Planting Information

Seeding Rate – new lawns7–10 lbs./1000 sq ft
Seeding Rate – overseeding4–6 lbs./1000 sq ft
Planting Datesspring and early fall
Planting Zones (map)green
Planting Depth1/4"
Optimal pH Range5.8–6.5
Germination7–14 days
Mowing Height3–4"
map of turf and forage tall fescue planting area