Forage Annual Ryegrass

Our annual ryegrasses are truly some of the best available. Many farmers have come to rely on them over the years to feed their cattle, cows, and other livestock. In addition to our popular proprietary varieties, we are known as one of the largest wholesale suppliers of Gulf annual, common tetraploid annual, and tetila tetraploid. 

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Achieve better gains with Attain. Recommended by producers and researchers alike for high yields, season-long performance, and excellent re-growth.

Big Boss

BIG yields. FAST gains. STRONG disease resistance. LOTS of sugar. BIG is better!



Ed is cold tolerant, crown rust resistant and has the strength of a diploid ryegrass.


FrostProof is an improved ryegrass that handles cold weather and provides superior forage production.

Koga logo


Koga is a very unique forage ideally suited for producers desiring late-season, highly vegetative ryegrass.

Rapido Diploid Annual Ryegrass Logo


Rapido is recommended for producers who need high-quality forage early in the season.  



Verdure has superior disease resistance, regrowth and yields.