Quiet End to 2022 and Ready to Roll Into 2023

January 2023 January 2023 (Spanish)

Quiet End to 2022 and Ready to Roll Into 2023

Markets have been very quiet for most of November and December with most distributors focused on inventory control. Primary suppliers have been evaluating their own inventories, reviewing production contracts and anxiously awaiting the phones to ring. Now that January is here, both suppliers and distributors seem ready to get seed moving. We all expect market prices to find stable points as we get seed moving down the line. We anticipate good movement this first quarter.

One note: As you get your seed rolling, check both over the road and intermodal pricing as it seems to be inconsistent right now as to whether one is better than another.

It’s Clover Time!

Spring is an ideal time for cool-season legumes, especially the perennial white and red clovers, and to a lesser extent many of the annual short-season clovers. So now is the time to make sure you are stocked up to supply your dealers and farm customers.

We’ve got you covered with over a dozen clover species including our large-leafed Marco Polo White clover, now available in 5#, 25# and 50# sizes. Marco Polo was bred to be winter active, giving producers the advantage of higher total forage production for the year. Increased winter activity can also be beneficial for increasing year-round wildlife activity, soil stability and pollinator feeding.

As mentioned above, we have numerous other clovers including these perennials:

For optimal performance, we offer all our legumes coated and pre-inoculated with our proven Nitro-Coat® coating. When OMRI® approval is important, be sure to ask for our Nitro-Coat® Organic coating. Let us be your source for clovers!