Renovation Intermediate White Clover

Simply plant a small amount of this long-living white clover to increase pasture productivity, attract and feed wildlife, reduce fertilizer cost, capture free nitrogen, dilute toxic fescue pastures, and control erosion.

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Increased Longevity

Renovation was bred for increased stolon density utilizing a combination of long-living Southern Plain ecotypes and disease resistant ladino types. The result is increased persistence, even under grazing.

Wider Leaves

Renovation has wider leaves, closer to ladino-type clovers. This means more forage and less weed pressure, even under grazing.

Pasture Improvement

Renovation is an excellent choice to improve and maintain healthy productive pastures. Renovation is ideal for all livestock.

Wildlife Attractant

Renovation is an ideal legume for wildlife food plots, as a three-fold contributor: providing a high-protein food source, acting as a seasonal attractant, and contributing nitrogen to surrounding plants.

Fescue Toxicosis Mitigation

When planted into toxic endophyte pastures, Renovation can help lessen the effects of endophyte toxicity and contribute to overall herd health.

Coat for Optimal Performance

For optimal performance, Renovation should be inoculated with Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii. This is best achieved with Nitro-Coat®.

Coated white clover seed

A Valuable Variety For Seed Dealers

Our white clover varieties not only perform well for farmers, they also are very valuable to seed dealers. Contact us today to see if dealer options are available in your area.