Good Work, All!

October 2020

Good Work, All!

Both August and September seemed to have flown by for our industry, hasn’t it? We all scrambled to get seed ordered, cleaned, blended, purchased, shipped, delivered, invoiced - wow! Of course its not over. October may be record setting for many of us as well. Plenty to do and not enough hands or hours in the day. We have much to be thankful for, don’t we? Yes, THANK YOU for your business, your patience, and all your hard work. There are many homeowners, turf professionals, farmers and ranchers that are glad our industry was there and pushed seed out these past few months. In spite of the transportation challenges, COVID restriction and limitations, seed has been harvested in one part of this big ball of mud and then planted in a zillion places around the globe. Pretty cool, huh?

Time To Book Spring Seed

As soon as you have time to catch your breath, you probably need to start crunching Spring numbers. Movement has been good this fall, meaning there may be items you need to start booking now for spring and the remainder of the 2020-21 crop season. Otherwise, it may be a long time before new crop! Let us know how we can help. Ask your Smith Seed Representative for sales history reports and projections for your regular needs.

Hymark Tall Fescue - Great For Grazing, and Haying!

As folks are beginning to re-appreciate endophyte-free tall fescues, we thought it might be good to remind you of our Hymark tall fescue. Known for great summer performance, excellent grazing and drought tolerance, Hymark is a wide-bladed hardy variety, ideal for pasture blends as well as straight seeding to new and existing pastures. Endophyte-free, Hymark is safe for all livestock.

Hymark matures early, has moderate resistance to leaf, stem, and crown rust, and consistently ranks at the top of hay trials. In fact, as recently as the 2015-18 Forage trial in Lexington, KY, Hymark was one of only three commercial varieties that achieved the overall highest yield 3-year yields!

Hymark has also been trialed in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, California, Oregon, and British Columbia. Learn more at SmithSeed.com. Find out about availability and pricing by contacting your Smith Seed Representative.

Hymark forage tall fescue in a field