July 2014

July 2014

Crop Update

Harvest throughout the Willamette Valley is progressing quite well. Early flowering, combined with many warm, dry days are allowing seedheads to fill nicely and permit farmers to swath and combine without delay. At the time of this report, the first seed from new crop crimson, forage tall fescue, orchardgrass, and annual ryegrass are coming available to ship. Of course, it is still too early to reach any conclusions on these crops or others as to overall harvest yields, it would be a safe assumption that most crops won’t stray too far from “normal” yields this year.

Market Watch

There has been activity in the KY-31 market, specifically related to poor Midwest crop. This appears to have driven more interest in Oregon KY-31 production and raised the price. Crimson prices this year are much better than last year. Turf-type tall fescue and perennial prices feel like they will start out similar to last year’s new crop. Gulf and Tetraploid annual prices are still a bit undecided.

Diamond bags showing multiple sizes and colors.

Looking for a Gem of an Idea?

This is an invitation to those of you who have yet to consider our Diamond Brand packaging solution. What is Diamond Brand packaging? It is our way of helping you provide attractive customized bags filled and labeled according to you and your customer’s needs.

Our Diamond bags are eye-catching, yet clean and simple. Best of all, the Diamond Brand bag program is designed to be either a turnkey packaging solution as well as a do-it-yourself option. As a turnkey solution, you simply bring us your seed and packaging requirements and we provide you a finished line. As a do-it-yourself option, we provide you with the bags, tags, and whatever seed you need. You fill them and customize them at your facility.

The Diamond Brand line consists of five bag sizes ranging for 3# to 50#, six vibrant color designs and a unique labeling system, These bags look great on the shelves, and best of all provide you with a solution to common customized packaging challenges. Learn more by contacting us or visiting DiamondTurfgrass.com.

Crimson Clover - Trifolium incarnatum

Beautiful and Very Useful

Crimson clover is striking to behold, with brilliant color and a uniquely shaped flower. Yet there’s much more to this variety than aesthetics. Crimson clover is widely used in the South as a dependable, high-yielding, early maturing, annual forage and roadside crop. More recently, northern farmers are using more crimson clover for cover cropping. It is the fastest growing of the annual clovers, easy to establish, and handles shade well - even the shade of other crops, like standing corn. Crimson can provide nitrogen credit for succeeding crops of 70-150 lbs N/A. It is also a good weed surpressor, organic matter increaser, and erosion controller. Forage production is high in protein and tonnage - up to 6,000 lbs DM/acre. Crimson prefers well-drained soils. Current varieties do not have good winter hardiness. Bloat can be an issue, but usually not as likely as with with clover or alfalfa.

Smith Seed recommends Nitro-Coated® cimson to ensure maximum inoculation for the optimal growth, re-growth and nitrogen fixation/production.

Over the next number of months, we intend on highlighting select clover species, as well as adding information about specific clovers to our SmithSeed.com website.

crimson clover