Diamond Brand™

Diamond Grass Seed Packaging is a fresh, exciting way to provide customized grass seed branding.

Start Your Brand

Five flexible sizes, six vibrant colors.

Eye-catching, color coded Diamond grass seed bags come in five adjustable sizes and six color schemes.

  • Small poly bag: for 2-3 lbs
  • Medium poly bag: for 5-7 lbs
  • Large poly bag: for 17-20 lbs
  • Standard 25 lb polywoven
  • Standard 50 lb polywoven
Diamond bags showing multiple sizes and colors.
Labeling Diamond bags with custom labels

Labeled the way you want it.

Each poly bag is customized by a glossy laser-printed label specifically designed to match the Diamond bags. Labels can be printed in either color or black print. Use customized labels to specify:

  • dealer name and logo
  • planting instructions
  • mixture name
  • bag size

Turnkey or Do-It-Yourself Options


With our turnkey solution packaging, you simply bring us your needs; we do the rest, providing geographic-specific formulations, packaging, and custom labeling. Each formulation will be packaged in our attractive Diamond bags and labeled according to the names you choose.


We also offer a do-it-yourself options where we supply each of the need components, and you package seed at your facility as you need it. We provide all the components, including:

  • Diamond grass seed bags
  • Customizable label paper
  • Balers and pallet skirts
  • Premium grass seed

Diamond Brand™ Packaging