October 2011

October 2011

Good Movement Continues

We are glad to report good overall seed movement through the first half of October. Both distributors and primary suppliers are generally experiencing steady activity, implying good seed consumption at dealer and consumer levels.

If the weather permits, we may all enjoy a profitable fall with little in-store and dealer carryover toward spring!

Crop Update

While it is a bit early to gather all the facts on new acre plantings for fall, we do know that additional acres are being placed for certified annual ryegrasses as well as perennial ryegrass and turf-type tall fescues. The tall fescue and perennial ryegrass acreage increases aren’t large, but mostly adjustments to counter the last few years of acreage decreases, since inventories are now much more in line with consumption. Grass seed acres are still in competition with wheat, as well as legumes, turnips, radishes, and other high dollar crops. The increase in certified annual acres is due to new regulations in certain countries requiring that all proprietary imported seed be of certified origin.

Use Diamonds to Increase Your Retail Business

Don’t forget the Diamonds this fall/winter as you approach your retail customer ! Our customizable Diamond Packaging line is an ideal tool to capture new shelf space, and even new customer. Eye-catching, yet clean and simple, Diamond Packaging stands out on the shelf, while providing enough versatility to meet your essential retail needs for custom blends and formula names. With three adjustable bag sized and six attractive color schemes, the Diamond Packaging can be yours either as a do-it-yourself program, or our turnkey all-in-one solution packaging. To learn more, contact us or visit www.DiamondTurfgrass.com.

Diamond bags showing multiple sizes and colors.

Summer Heat Sets Records

If you live in Texas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana, you know it was a record HOT summer. In fact the average temperature between June-August, was 86.5 degrees in Texas and nearly as hot in Oklahoma and Louisiana. According to Weather. com, these were only a few of the numerous records set this summer, including:

  • June through August was the hottest such period on record for OK, TX, LA, and NM, and the second hottest for GA, SC, NC, and DE.
  • Over 20 cities had all-time high daily record for any single day. Included in this list was Childress, TX at 117, Little Rock, AR at 114, Newark, NJ at 108, Tallahassee, FL at 105, and Resolute, Canada at 66.
  • Number of days above 90 degrees: Indianapolis - 23 straight days, Savannah, GA - 56 straight days • Number of days above 100 degrees: Dodge City, KS - 54 days, San Angelo, TX - 98

Great Reasons for Growing Clover

Reason #6 - Benefits In Crop Rotation

“In addition to furnishing nitrogen for succeeding crops, clovers improve soil characteristics by improving soil tilth. They also create root channels, which benefit subsequent crops grown in rotation with clovers or clover/grass mixtures.”

From “Ten Great Reasons for Growing Clover” www.aces.edu/dept/forages/clover.html

Close up of white clover flower