July 2011

July 2011

Market/Crop Report

Bye-bye buyer’s market! What an amazing difference 60 days can bring. We are now seeing changes in a number of markets as we begin the 2011 harvest season. As reported earlier, so many crops have such significant reductions in acres, not only domestically, but globally. We’ve also reported that international interest continues to grow. Well now some of the rubber is meeting the road. Here are a few facts that will likely impact most of our businesses:

  • Turf-type perennial ryegrass and turf-type tall fescues have and are trading internationally at notably higher prices for 2011 crop.
  • Seed production prices for the above crops are notably higher, with no “deals” remaining at the farmer level.
  • New crop concerns are surfacing related to crops including timothy, smooth brome, Missouri produced KY-31, not to mention some of the warm season annual affected by the TX region’s drought.
  • Clover and selected legume carryovers are very low (some nearly nonexistent), including medium red mammoth, yellow blossom, crimson, birdsfoot trefoil, etc..

So what to expect?

  • Higher prices
  • Less selection
  • Fewer bargains
  • More difficulty with mixed loads of specialty items
  • The need to do more advanced booking, especially of varieties, species, quality specs, and certification requirements that are critical to your program.

Nexus XR = Extra Resistance

In our last newsletter, we featured our Nexus XD perennial ryegrass. This month, we want to tell you about Nexus XR. Like Nexus XD, this variety is VERY dark green. But that’s just one of it’s great traits.

With extra resistance to traffic stress, red thread, pythium, pink and gray snow mold, dollar spot, anthracnose, and brown patch, homeowners and professionals will be very pleased you used Nexus XR in your improved mixes.

Also, don’t be too concerned about winter damage or low temperature injury - Nexus XR has you covered for these challenges too! Nexus XR and Nexus XD make a great pair of ryegrasses! Learn more by contacting us, or visiting www.SmithSeed.com.

NTEP Final Report

Genetic Color Ratings (Top 10 Scores)


Variety Score
Nexus XD7.6
Nexus XR7.5
Cabo II7.4
PM 1027.4

Great Reasons for Growing Clover

Reason #3 - Better Distribution of Growth

“The introduction of clovers into grass pastures often extends the grazing season as compared to grass alone. Red clover is especially likely to provide additional summer production when grown with cool season perennial grasses. Addition of cool season annual legumes to bermudagrass or other warm season perennial grasses permits production of quality feed during winter and early spring when pastures would otherwise be unproductive. Several clovers can extend the grazing season when grown on prepared seedbeds with annual grasses.”

From “Ten Great Reasons for Growing Clover” www.aces.edu/dept/forages/clover.html

Close up of white clover flower

This Year, Enhance your Clovers with Nitro-Coat™

This year’s high prices are another great reason for you to coat your clovers and other legumes with Nitro-Coat™. You’ll not only be able to offer your customers better priced legumes, but legumes that have the potential to perform better. Your customers will see the difference with better stand establishment, maximum nodulation, and increased yield potential. Learn more at NitroCoat.com.

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