November 2009

November 2009

Hudson Tall Fescue Now Available

The grass IS GREENER with our new Hudson Tall Fescue. According to the first two years of the latest NTEP data, Hudson is one of the darkest tall fescues available. Better still, Hudson was specifically bred to exhibit superior turf quality during the hot, humid summer months when heat stress, brown patch and summer disease can cause the most damage. We call Hudson “Beautifully Strong!” Hudson is also now available as a component for our T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend and our T.L.C. Fescue/Bluegrass Mixture. Learn more at www.smithseed.com.

VarietyGenetic ColorColor (Oct)Color (Dec)
Highest score7.57.37.8
Cochise V6.96.27.2
Falcon V6.55.76.5
Rebel IV6.55.86.2
LSD value0.21.00.7

Complete results available at NTEP.

Market Watch

As many of you are aware, the Western Seed Meeting was held earlier this month. This meeting is always a good gauge to help get an overall industry pulse. While not discounting some legitimated inventory burdens, the overall meeting tone was positive and forward-looking. Export interest in tetraploid annual ryegrass began and continued throughout the next week, as did domestic and export trades of fawn, K-31 and turf-type tall fescue, as some buyers consider those markets at the bottom. Perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass pricing appears to be resisting any downward pull. The same can be said of the clovers and legumes. Many distributors are very happy with their low inventory levels and will be ready to buy very soon. Collectively, it is a hopeful sign that “stuff’s getting better!”

More Nitro-Coat News

As mentioned in our November newsletter, we now offer coating services for legumes. Last month, we covered the first NITRO-COAT Advantage: our Multi-Strain Rhizobia. This month, we discuss the second advantage in what we call ”The NITRO-COAT Advantage!”


In many ways, the process of seed coating is just as important as the coating components. NITRO-COAT is more than a coating product, it is an exclusive process to ensure consistent, effective coating.

State of the Art Equipment

Every bag of NITRO-COATED seed is processed through our modern coating facility, using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest computerization and automation, giving our technicians complete control of the entire process.

Constant Monitoring/Quality Lab

Throughout the NITRO-COAT process, our on-site quality-control lab continually runs tests to ensure correct moisture content, durability, viability, quality, color, and consistency.


The NITRO-COATING operation team has over 40 years of combined expertise in coating seed, providing our customers a comfort level that each coating order will be filled correctly, consistently, and efficiently.

Speed and Efficiency

Our unique dual-line coating facility allows us to either run high volume NITRO-COAT orders quickly, or to run multiple orders simultaneously.

Next month we’ll cover more NITRO-COAT Advantages. In the meantime, please contact Brian Jaasko at brian@smithseed.com or at 800-826-6327. or go to NitroCoat.com.


Ten Keys to a Profitable Forage Program

Key #5 - Emphasize Forage Quality

High animal gains, milk production, and reproductive efficiency require adequate nutrition. Producing high quality forage requires knowing the factors that affect forage quality and managing accordingly. Matching forage quality to animal nutritional needs greatly increases efficiency.

From “Ten Keys to a Profitable Forage Program” www.uky.edu/Ag/Forage/Ten Keys.pdf