February 2009

February 2009

More Press on Persist

The editors of a prominent seed magazine have informed us that they are planning on running an article on the unique breeding history of Persist Orchardgrass. We understand that the article will focus on the length and process of how Persist was bred by Dr. Bob Conger. In the meantime, distributors, dealers and farmers are increasing their talk about this amazing grass that as one dealer recently told us something like, “Persist is the only orchardgrass I sell. I tell my customers that it lasts longer. What more do they need to know?”

If you do wish to know more, please visit Persistorchardgrass.com and see the numerous trials, charts, graphs, testimonials, and photos available to help you and your customer learn why we say, “Persist Orchardgrass... Plant For Keeps!”

Persist breeder Dr. Bob Conger

Dr. Bob Conger

Fescue to the Rescue?

Back in May of 2007 we reported that the USDA was conducting some trials to evaluate the use of high endophyte tall fescues to help deter geese from causing problems around airports. With the recent near-tragic crash last month into the Hudson bringing awareness of this issue back into the headlines, we expect that this work will gain in momentum. Already the USDA has extended their study to include an additional nine airports. We are also seeing contracts around airports begin to specify this type of material, like the picture shown here of some new work at O’Hare International Airport. This particular seeding was a blend with the same components as our T.L.C. and Dryspell formulas - Titan Ltd., Rendition, and Covenant.

As research work continues in this area, we may see interest levels increase in the application of high endophytic tall fescues in other areas specifically to control geese population, such as public parks, around ponds, etc. Stay tuned!

Since endophyte levels can change from seed lot to seed lot, we recently took a random test of all four of our leading varieties. Here’s what we found:

Variety% Endophyte
Titan Ltd.91%
Kittyhawk 200094%
T.L.C. Blend at O'Hare Airport