Covenant II Turf-Type Tall Fescue

Bred to combat major diseases, Covenant II's rich green color, high uniformity, and good density make it a high-quality turfgrass.

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An elite turf-type tall fescue

Covenant II is an elite turf-type tall fescue that provides consistent, attractive turf for all types of tall fescue lawn applications. It's attractive rich green color, high uniformity, and good density result in an overall high-quality turfgrass.

Bred to combat major diseases affecting tall fescue, Covenant II should provide years of healthy turfgrass, even in areas affected by disease pressure such as cool-temperature induced brown patch. The following performance data demonstrates why Covenant II should be part of your tall fescue program.

Covenant II in Griffin, GA

Covenant II in Griffin, GA - May 2022

Covenant II in Griffin, GA

Closeup of Covenant II in Griffin, GA - May 2022

Brown Patch Resistance

Brown patch is a major disease for tall fescue. Covenant II was bred to better resist brown patch, especially cool-temperature brown patch.

Brown Patch Resistance


VarietyFayetteville, ARAdelphia, NJ
Best Score8.33%6.33
Covenant II13.335.00
Rebel Exeda ER15.005.00
Houndog VI20.005.00
Water Saver26.673.67
Kentucky 3140.003.67
Lowest Score45.003.00

Turfgrass Density

Stand density affects overall lawn appearance, weed resistance, and plant health. Covenant II provides good density throughout the year.

Covenant II grass in a trial

Turfgrass Density


VarietyUrbana, ILSalem, NJ
Highest Score7.006.00
Covenant II6.005.40
Rebel Exeda ER6.505.07
Houndog VI5.835.77
Water Saver5.174.47
Kentucky 314.003.90
Low Entry4.003.90

Genetic Color

You will like the rich green color of Covenant II tall fescue. Its genetic color is not too light, or too dark, but just right!

Genetic Color


VarietyUrbana, ILSalem, NJ
Highest Score7.205.93
Rebel Exeda ER6.805.40
Covenant II6.435.30
Houndog VI6.005.37
Water Saver6.104.80
Kentucky 313.303.37
Lowest Score3.303.37

Turfgrass Quality

Data from multiple sites indicate that Covenant II should perform equal to other elite varieties. Covenant II has been tested under the experimental name ATF1223.

Turfgrass Quality


VarietySalem, NJUrbana, ILRolesville, NC3 Location Ave
Highest Score5.975.906.906.90
Covenant II5.675.676.055.80
Falcon IV5.575.804.955.44
Rebel Exeda ER5.635.575.005.4
Houndog VI5.605.774.655.34
Water Saver5.
Kentucky 314.103.772.153.34

Complete trial results available upon request.

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Planting Instructions

Seeding Rate

New Lawns
7–10 lbs/1000 sqft
4–6 lbs/1000 sqft

Planting Dates

Spring and early fall

Planting Map

Planting Depth


Optimal pH

5.8 - 6.5


7 - 14 days

Mowing Height

3 - 4"