June 2007

June 2007

Crop Watch

As we approach harvest, here’s our current thoughts on crop potential in the Willamette Valley: Annual ryegrass, orchardgrass, Fawn and KY-31 fields are expected to produce average yields. Poa annua infestations are high in perennial ryegrass fields. Also, yield potential of older perennial ryegrass stands is expected to be below average; some perennial ryegrass fields were plowed this spring because of poor stands. Similarly, older stands of tall fescue will likely have lower yields. Finally, non-irrigated Fall 2006 plantings of tall fescue will likely not yield because of the dry fall.

New Crop and New Products Just Around The Corner

Its now time to start thinking about new crop and how we each will shape our programs for next year. And, this year we are very excited to offer you three new turf products! Below is a brief rundown on each. As always, you can get more information 24/7 at www.smithseed.com or by contacting us directly.

Perennial Ryegrass - Two New VERY DARK Varieties!

A few years ago the breeder of Nexus made two selections for us. These selections, Nexus XD and Nexus XR, were entered in the 2004 NTEP while at the same time we began increasing seed up to production levels. These introductory levels have not been reached, allowing us to offer the industry two of the very darkest varieties available.

While there are many similarities and compatible traits between the two, we are suggesting you plug Nexus XD into areas where you need very dark green turf that can handle traffic stress. Obvious applications are fairways, athletic fields, and any other area that will have traffic, yet demands deep, dark green color.

With similar dark color, possibly a fraction lighter, Nexus XR has strong disease resistance, good resistance to weed and poa annual pressure, as well as a high tolerance to the herbicide Velocity® (bispyribac-sodium.) Learn more at www.smithseed.com.

Tall Fescue - New Blend!

Over the past couple of years, we have had numerous requests to take the success of Titan Ltd. to the next level by creating a blended product that focuses on Titan Ltd., with its self-repairing rhizomes, while adding the benefits of diversified genetics. That’s exactly what you will find in this very exciting new product line called T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend, featuring Titan Ltd. as the leading variety supported by our other tall fescue varieties, Rendition, Covenant, Kittyhawk 2000, and Kittyhawk SST. Specific formulations are created to accommodate different regional preference and user applications.

This new line is a full professional-to-retail offering with packaging in 5, 10, 25, and 50 pound sizes. Promotion and support POP will spring off of our Titan Ltd. marketing campaign. Note, T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend, will be offered to selected distributors only. You can learn more at our dedicated www.TLCfescue.com website or by contacting Jonathan at jonathan@smithseed.com or 888-550-2930.


Genetic Color - Top Entries


VarietyGenetic Color
Nexus XD7.8
Nexus XR7.7
Pick 02-R7.6
Cabo II7.6
PM 1027.5
Wind Dance 27.3
Cutter II7.3
Calypso 37.2
La Quinta7.2
Regal 57.2