Plant A New Lawn

The videos series is broken down into four chapters: Introduction, Preparation, Seeding, and New Lawn, giving you the ability to watch just the sections pertaining to your situation.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Have you ever considered replacing your lawn? These videos will give you an explanation about the project, some reasons to replant a lawn, and the four general steps of planting a new lawn.

Chapter 2: Preparation

Where do I start? This chapter covers important first-step topics including: killing your lawn, bringing in new dirt, useful tools, trees, and the need to create the right environment for seeds to grow.

Chapter 3: Seeding

What seed should I buy? How much do I need? Watch these videos to find out how the importance of selecting the correct type of seed, the correct quality of seed, how to spread seed and fertilizer, and how to cover the seed.

Chapter 4: New Lawn

How do I make sure it lives? Now that the seeds have been planted, learn how to water, watch the seeds become seedlings, and learn what steps to take when weeds begin growing in your new lawn. Finally, enjoy your new lawn!