FrostProof Diploid Annual Ryegrass

A recent release from the University of Florida, FrostProof is an improved ryegrass that handles cold weather and provides superior forage production.

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Cold Hardy

Specifically bred for improved cold tolerance, FrostProof has many potential uses for both southern and northern regions.

Disease Resistant

FrostProof’s better crown rust resistance allows it to keep producing in tough conditions.

High Yielding

This dependable diploid provides high yields for grazing, hay, haylage, baleage and silage.



Yes. Yes. And YES! Graze it with all livestock species. FrostProof is a great option for both rotational grazed and continuous grazed pastures. As is true with other ryegrasses, continuous grazing can adversely affect yield and survivability. If possible, always choose rotational grazing practices.

Hay and Silage

Looking for a single-cut harvest? No problem. Bale it, roll it, wrap it, or chop it. Then feed it as needed. Good cold and disease resistance equals more quality feed in the bag.


Draw in the big racks or grow the herd for next year. FrostProof comes up quick and is ryegrass-sweet; ideal for wildlife food plots.

Cover Crop

Need a cover crop to go through winter? FrostProof is up for the challenge. Grab that excess nitrogen, break up your hard soil, build the carbon bank. High tonnage means lots and lots of biomass. Use by itself or as part of a multi-species cover crop mixture.

Enhance Your Seed

We provide an array of seed enhancements, including bio stimulants, macro and micronutrients, water absorbents, fungicides, and colorants. These are available for all seed types and uses.

A Valuable Variety For Seed Dealers

Our annual ryegrass varieties not only perform well for farmers, they also are very valuable to seed dealers. Contact us today to see if dealer options are available in your area.