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DrySpell® Blend

DrySpell®'s special formula combines three tall fescues into one heat and drought resistant formula. 

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Deep roots for summer survival.

With proper planting and care, DrySpell® will produce a lush, healthy turf above ground and send deep roots below ground to prepare for the hot dry summer. These deep roots will be able to access water and nutrients when the rains have stopped.

Rhizomes for quicker repair.

DrySpell® has a special component, a variety called Titan Ltd., which is able to produce underground shoots and roots called rhizomes. Rhizomes spread out to bare spots creating new plants and aiding the turf stand with quicker repair. So, even when DrySpell® gets knocked around, the rhizomes constantly act as self-repairing tools, ready and willing to create new plants when needed.

Naturally pest resistant.

DrySpell® is also endophyte enhanced to provide a natural barrier to invading pests.

Reasons for blends.

The special formula of three fescue varieties also provides better disease resistance due to the diversity of the genetics. This means your lawn will have a better chance against brown patch, summer stress, and other ruthless diseases.

Planting Information

Seeding Rate – new lawns7–10 lbs./1000 sq ft
Seeding Rate – overseeding4–6 lbs./1000 sq ft
Planting Datesspring and early fall
Planting Zones1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12
Planting Depth1/4"
Optimal pH Range5.8–6.5
Germination7–14 days
Mowing Height3–4"