Upstart Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass

Upstart is a quick germinating, fine-bladed dense variety, known for excellent cold tolerance, extensive root system, and ease of termination.

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Variety Summary

Upstart is a variety developed in the United States with fast establishment, dwarf growth, dense tillers, and fibrous roots. Ideal for turf usage, Upstart provides excellent playable surfaces for golf, soccer and many other sports. Unlike traditional annual ryegrasses, Upstart's growth manifests itself by rapidly covering the ground rather than growing in height. Additionally, it has a magnificent deep and wide root system. Upstart has very good cold tolerance and disease resistance.

Turf Trial

Albany, OR



VarietyLeaf Spot*Color**Turf Quality***
Highest entry7.08.07.5
Lowest entry3.01.01.2

Trial run in Albany, OR with annual and intermediate ryegrass varieties. Sown in September 2014. 2” mowing height. Total entries: 20.

*Leaf spot: 1-9, 9=No Disease

**Color: 1-9, 9=Very Dark Green

***Turf Quality: 1-9, 9=Ideal Turf

Ideal For Sports Field Reseeding

In regions with a marked transition zone, athletic field managers and golf course superintendents who overseed the prevailing warm climate species with a temperate species during the winter months, Upstart provides an attractive rich green, playable surface while the prevailing warm climate species remains dormant. As an annual ryegrass, Upstart germinates and establishes rapidly. However, unlike most annual ryegrasses, Upstart is very finely leafed with superior density under close cut. Upstart provides a turf surface where the ball rolls easily and protects athletes who depend on solid footing.

Upstart turf-type annual ryegrass

Excellent Ground Covering

Upstart provides benefits above and below ground. In addition to tight-knit leaves, Upstart has an extensive fibrous root system. These combined features minimizes evaporation, reduce erosion and resist weeds. After its rapid establishment, Upstart’s low growth reduces mowings, water use, and the use of plant growth regulators, generating better sustainability and increased monetary savings.

Planting Instructions


Overseeding Bermudagrass and other dormant warm season grasses.

Seeding Rate

7-9 lbs/1,000 sq. feet

Planting Dates

Sow in autumn for overseeding warm season perennials. For temporary turf in cool season, optimal seeding times are fall and spring.

Planting Map