Meroa Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass

Meroa is a late-maturing, high-yielding true tetraploid Italian ryegrass. It has excellent forage quality, high yields and good winter hardiness.

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Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass

Meroa has all the great benefits of being a tetraploid Italian ryegrass. It’s got twice the chromosomes of a diploid ryegrass and unique maturing of an Italian ryegrass.

High Yields

Meroa has demonstrated high yields when planted as a short-lived spring forage or a fall-planted forage.

Forage Quality

In multiple trials, Meroa shows the forage quality that you would expect from late-maturing tetraploid ryegrasses.

Winter Hardy

Meroa has outscored other varieties in winter hardiness trials.

Enhance Your Seed

We provide an array of seed enhancements, including bio stimulants, macro and micronutrients, water absorbents, fungicides, and colorants. These are available for all seed types and uses.

A Valuable Variety For Seed Dealers

Our tetraploid Italian ryegrass varieties not only perform well for farmers, they also are very valuable to seed dealers. Contact us today to see if dealer options are available in your area.