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Crimson Clover

Cover Crop

Crimson is well known in the South as a dependable, high-yielding, annual clover. In the north, farmers are finding it to be a beneficial cover crop.

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Grows fast, easy to establish.

Crimson is the fastest growing of the annual clovers, and easy to establish.

Tolerates shade.

Crimson clover also handles shade well. Quick establishment and shade tolerance can be very valuable to northern cover crop plantings as it is sometimes quite challenging to overcome seeding into existing corn stands.

Nitrogen producer.

Crimson can provide nitrogen credit for succeeding crops of 30-60 lbs N/A. It is also a good weed suppressor, organic matter increaser, and erosion controller.

Good eating.

One other advantage of Crimson - it makes good animal feed!

Coat for optimal performance.

Coated crimson clover is also an option to consider, especially for aerial seeding. The coating improves ballistics, better seed-to-soil contact, and increases moisture wicking of the seed.

Coated seed can help ensure a more even germination over the whole field. Read the Advantages of Coated Grasses and Legume Seed for Cover Crops to learn why coating and proper inoculation can help ensure successful cover cropping

Planting Information

Seeding Rate10–30 lbs./ac
Planting DatesAug–Sept, Spring Frost Seeding
Planting Depth1/4–1/2"
Optimal pH Range5.0–6.5