CCS 779 Cover Crop Daikon Radish

With its deep tap root and abundant vegetation, CCS-779 radish works to reduce compaction, improve soil, scavenge excess nitrogen, and suppress weeds – all at the same time.

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Capture Extra Nutrients

CCS 779 cover crop radish can be quite beneficial to row-crop farmers. When planted in the fall, CCS 779 plants are able to capture excess nutrients left over from crops like corn and soybeans.

Deep Roots, Full Coverage

CCS 779 plants have deep roots which help break up soil compaction, while the abundant foliage reduces weeds and erosion.

Easy to Kill

CCS 779 is not winter hardy, making it easy to terminate in order to prepare for the next crop.

Release Stored Nutrients

As the radish plants break down, they feed the good bugs in the ground and most importantly, slowly release all the captured nutrients and make them available for the subsequent crop. The next crop can take advantage of these “free” nutrients.

Enhance Your Seed

We provide an array of seed enhancements, including bio stimulants, macro and micronutrients, water absorbents, fungicides, and colorants. These are available for all seed types and uses.

A Valuable Variety For Seed Dealers

Our radish varieties not only perform well for farmers, they also are very valuable to seed dealers. Contact us today to see if dealer options are available in your area.