Nitro-NP™ is an enhanced seed coating technology for forage grasses.

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Nitro-NP™: The POSITIVE Domino Effect

Nitro-NP™ is a seed coating technology for forage grasses. Nitro-NP™ has three factors that will help your grass reach its fullest potential.

  • Nitro-NP™ with AquaTEKsc™ water-absorbing technology helps maintain adequate moisture through the germination process.
  • Nitro-NP™ phosphorus quickens root hair development.
  • Nitro-NP™ nitrogen feeds new shoots and leaves.

Start the dominoes falling in the right direction with Nitro-NP™.

Capture the Water

Seeds must have water to both germinate and establish. Utilizing super-absorbent polymers and hygroscopic calcium carbonate coating, Nitro-NP™ uses AquaTEKsc™ water-absorbing technology to draw water to the seed and give each seed its own water storage tank.

For a seed to germinate, the shell of the seed needs to be softened and the inside of the seed needs to have a chance to absorb water. If, however, there is only a small amount of water, the seed may never get soft enough or it may germinate, only to die for lack of additional moisture.

As root hairs form, AquaTEKsc™ stores water next to the seed. Seedlings can tap into this source, take up the water and expedite root growth. New roots reach farther so as to access surrounding moisture and nutrients.

Nitro-NP’s™ with AquaTEKsc™ water-absorbing technology reduces seedling mortality and speeds up establishment. More plants and faster establishment lead to thicker stands, higher yields, and less weeds.

Illustration of domino with image of seed in water overlaid on it.

Grow the Roots

Phosphorus is a critical nutrient for young seedlings. By supplying a small amount on the seed, Nitro-NP™ gives these new seedling roots immediate access to phosphorus, thereby allowing them to grow bigger, faster.

The quicker initial root hairs develop, the faster they can access nutrients and water in the soil, maximizing growth both above ground and below. This rapid initial root growth is very important to ensure full establishment before the severity of either winter or summer weather.

Plants which survive their initial harsh-weather season (winter or summer) have a better chance of thriving the next season. Healthier young roots also are better able to combat disease, pest and weed pressures.

Nitro-NP™ phosphorus helps build young strong roots. Good roots mean healthier plants, fewer weeds, higher yields and greater stand longevity.

Illustration of domino with image of roots overlaid on it.

Feed the Leaves

Nitrogen is essential for leaf growth. By placing a small amount of nitrogen at the seed source, Nitro-NP™ gives each new grass plant an individual application of nitrogen to supplement soil-applied sources.

Soil-applied nitrogen, especially at time of seeding will be taken up by all plants and new seedlings in the surrounding soil, including weeds and other competitive plants. Feeding existing plants can add to the difficulty of establishment of desired plants. Nitrogen provided by Nitro-NP™ is less likely to be stolen by unwanted neighbor plants.

Boosted by Nitro-NP™ nitrogen, new seedlings get a jump-start in growing initial leaves. The faster the plant establishes, the better it will compete with neighboring plants and produce thicker stands.

Nitro-NP™ nitrogen component hastens leaf growth and thickens grass stands. Thicker stands mean less weeds and greater yields.

Illustration of domino with image of grass water overlaid on it.

Seeding Rate

Since Nitro-NP™ enhanced seed coating technology can improve both seed germination and plant establishment, the seeding rates for most forages do not need to be increased over uncoated seed.