Off to a Good Start

February 2024February 2024 (Spanish)

Early Seed Movement Off to a Good Start

January-early February seed movement is off to a good start and many of our distributors are ordering and shipping similar to pre-COVID times. Seed prices are generally stable with a few items that are soft and a few ones that are high-priced and short. That too, is much more typical. North American weather may indicate an early spring, yet we also know that spring can turn soggy and cold too. We just never know, but nonetheless remain optimistic.

Oregon crops have had good moisture and growth, which is generally positive. Plants have been able to root well and get enough growth for farmers to successfully apply fertilizers and chemicals. Clover farmers will be battling some disease pressure - namely sclerotinia, mainly affecting perennial white and red clovers. Hopefully, they will be successful.

Did You Know?

Behind every bag of seed we ship is an integrated array of focused, intentional, hands-on, coordinated operations. While we hope placing an order with us is as easy as a brief phone conversation or e-mail conversation, it is somewhat fascinating and humbling to think of all of the moving parts - or rather the coordinated integration of all of those moving parts that makes it so easy. What are some of those components that make it so easy?

First of all, it is a customer-centric culture adopted and exercised repeatedly by over 150 dedicated employees, many of which are multi-generation family and friends. Frankly, we like what we do and enjoy working together. Call it lubrication.

Some of us have only been around 20 or so years, others less, but many over 30 years. As a company, we’ve been at this for nearly 60 years. That’s lots of reps! So, every time you order, whether it is a simple commodity, or a premium proprietary, or a custom coating or bag order, you’ll get our culture. It comes with every bag of seed and every other service. Customer-centric service. We hope you like it, because we don’t know how to do anything different.

In future issues, we hope to share more details about some of the other moving parts. Stay tuned.

Man pouring seed into a machine.
Forklift loading seed onto semi.
Coated seed in a tray
Plants in a field with two men looking at a tablet device.
Seed cleaning