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Harvest 2023

Thanks to a very dry and hot May, this year’s harvest has come early and fast. The heat sped up pollination and the dry weather shut off the crop’s capacity to grow much. Crops on rocky and drier ground were affected more than bottom ground and irrigated acres. Later pollinating crops also seem to be suffering more. Those disparities are represented by example in one grower we know who has fields of the same variety ranging from slightly below average on irrigated ground to significantly below average on some of their non-irrigated fields. Also, annual ryegrass is typically grown on heavier soils and was thus impacted less. Here are a few highlights per crop:

Annual Ryegrass

Some fields terrible (drier ground), but most slightly off of normal.

Crimson clover

Both loss of acres this summer and poor yields are significantly affecting yield and price.


Yields off some, but limited market activity is keeping pricing down.


Oregon crop coming in poorly; Missouri crop bad as well. Price has pushed up

Turf-Tall Fescue

Early numbers indicate lower yields, with non-irrigated fields hit hardest. Carryover seed exists.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Producers report yields somewhat lower but carryover holding price steady.

White clovers

Not harvested yet. Lots of concerns. Expecting price to remain strong.

Perennial Ryegrass

Too early to tell but expecting yields down significantly.

Tractor harvesting seed

Gro-Pro Turf Tall Fescue Debutes

New for 2023, Gro-Pro turf-type tall fescue has the breeding background and performance to match the demands of today’s professional turf applicators, boasting exceptional disease resistance and solid turfgrass performance.

Seed With Confidence

Gro-Pro delivers excellent color, uniform stand, tolerance to traffic and shade, and medium-fine leaf texture. Its broad performance spectrum and wide geographic adaptability makes Gro-Pro an ideal choice for blending with other tall fescues as well as mixing with other cool season species.

Tough Enough For the South

Data from the 2018-22 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) shows that Gro-Pro can handle the hot humid climates of Northern Mississippi and North Georgia, as well as similar areas.

Solid Disease Resistance

Many older tall fescues suffer from susceptibility to patch diseases which can cause unsightly thinning and lead to extensive weed infiltration. Not so with Gro-Pro. Extensive breeding work has provided Gro-Pro with the genetics to naturally combat brown patch, Pythium, pink snow mold and other diseases. 

Ask your Smith Seed Representative about pricing and availability.

Gro-Pro Turf-Type Tall Fescue