What's Up with Pricing?

November 2022November 2022 (Spanish)

What’s up with Pricing?

As most of you know, markets still remain in a state of flux. For this reason, we have once again sent out a price-less price sheet. Do review it in detail, as we have updated the availability status of many items and added some new ones. For those who need prompt or winter/spring prices on specific items, don’t hesitate to ask. We should be able to quote you promptly.

Market/Crop Update

This year has reminded us that our businesses are subject to weather, global influences, and local economy. Many of us are still enjoying healthy housing markets, albeit rising interest rates are throttling these down. Still, they are much better than many years in the rear-view mirror. This year’s weather has also been a damper in multiple, yet different ways. Some regions did not experience sufficient desiccation to persuade replanting, while other regions did not have enough moisture to justify planting or replanting.

Looking forward to Spring, we do expect those regions that have been extremely dry to be in need of replanting - both forage and turf. We also anticipate both turf and agricultural buying to be more price conscious, at least as long as fuel, fertilizer and food prices continue the stronger tug at the wallet.

In light of the above, we comment specifically on these markets and the crop:

  • Turf-type tall fescue. Ample supply good for spring, with program varieties being more limited.
  • Turf-type perennial ryegrass. Supply is good.
  • Kentucky bluegrass. Supply is good. This year’s harvest was better than last plus carryover in the marketplace.
  • Fine fescues. Supply is much better than last year, yet still limited on improved cultivars.
  • Forage-type tall fescues. KY-31 supply is good.
  • Fawn supply fair. Improved cultivar availability is more limited.
  • Orchardgrass. Supply is generally good, but limited on select improved cultivars.
  • Forage-type perennial ryegrass. Supply is good.
  • Italian and intermediate forage ryegrass. Available with limited supply.
  • Forage annual ryegrass. Good supply of most tetraploid and diploid varieties.
  • Brome. Limited supply.
  • Vetch. Both common and hairy vetch supply is good, more limited on proprietary varieties.
  • White clovers. Usage continues to be strong keeping supply:demand ratio in check and prices strong.
  • Crimson clover. Usage was good. Current supply seems sufficient till new crop.
  • Medium red. Good usage. New crop just getting cleaned.
  • Sweet clovers. Limited yellow blossom availability. White blossom is scarce.
  • Alfalfa. Ample supply.
  • Radish. Supply is good.
  • Winter pea. Poor Austrian crop. Limited supply.
  • Other cover crops. Rapes, turnips, chicory in good supply.