Pre-Harvest Update & Fesnova Excitement!

June 2022June 2022 (Spanish)

Still Wet, Delaying Harvest

The Willamette Valley remains WET! While the crops have enjoyed cool, mild temperatures and an abundance of spring moisture, it may be getting to be too much and too late. Growers, especially those with wetter ground, are concerned about getting the crops out of the field. Also, when harvest of the earlier crops is delayed, it can bunch up the rest of harvesting activities, including cutting, harvesting, cleaning and testing. And yes, shipping. Sort of an agricultural traffic jam with multiple crops needing attention all at the same time. So folks, fasten your seat belts, because we are just about ready to enter the many wonders of harvest time. Let the fun begin!

Dexter production field in Oregon | May 2022

Fesnova Slows It Down

At a recent visit to the University of Georgia, Griffin campus, we were walking through a series of turf tall fescue plots with UGA’s Turfgrass Extension Specialist, Clint Waltz. Upon passing the Fesnova plot, Clint commented that the variety was visibly growing slower than the surrounding plots, all which had been mowed about seven days prior. Sure enough, as we reviewed the surrounding entries, Fesnova was shorter. Furthermore, when we looked at the other Fesnova plot reps, we found the same slower growth.

The folks at Rutger’s University would have not been surprised at all, because this is exactly the trait they bred into Fesnova - slower growth. Additionally, unlike traditional “dwarf” tall fescues (yes, a serious oxymoron!), Fesnova was also bred for improved brown patch resistance. These two combined traits, plus its attractive dark green, dense canopy, make Fesnova an ideal choice to use as a single variety or part of a blend of other improved tall fescues, like our TLC Tall Fescue Blend

Think of it this way: if each of the other plots at UGA represented home lawns in your neighborhood and the Fesnova plot was your lawn, all your neighbors would need to mow today, but you could delay another day or two. Spread that through a growing season and that may mean you might actually mow a few less times in a season. Application to a lawn care company?: Either fewer mowings or at minimum faster mowings, less time on the job, and less fuel. Coupled with the improved brown patch, means less complaints and less fungicide treatments.

Fesnova is truly a fescue that can provide noticeable benefits to both homeowners and lawn care professionals and should be part of your tall fescue lineup.

Watch the video of our visit at Griffin, browse our photo gallery, see NTEP data and learn more about Fesnova at smithseed.com/seed/turfgrass/tall-fescue/fesnova. For purchase and booking information, contact your Smith Seed Sales Representative.

Closeup of Fesnova Tall Fescue grass blades