COVID-19 Procedures & LowBoy Updates

March 2020


While we know you are inundated with COVID-19 updates, it seems prudent for us to do so as well. At present, the Oregon seed industry is considered an Essential Services under Oregon’s Executive Order 20-12. This means that Smith Seed Services, our growers, our coating operation and seed labs are permitted to continue operations, so long as they comply with mandated safety precautions. Transportation of goods and services are also permitted to operate, subject to the guidelines. At present, we are able to operate quite well. We do anticipate that these restrictions may cause delays, such as test sampling, certification approval, etc.

In compliance with the guidelines and for the safety of our staff, we have, and will, take appropriate steps to protect our employees as well as provide the best possible service to our customers. Staff members who can work at home are doing so, and on-site staff are functioning in restricted areas with limited movement. Extra cleaning and cleaning procedures have been put in place. We will do our best to comply with the regulations while providing the best service we know how to give. We wish you safety and thank you for your support and friendship!

Coating Operations

Some of you have been aware that over the past few months we have faced some significant challenges at our coating facilities in both Halsey and Lamar. Due to multiple factors, we simply could not keep up with the demand and fell behind. First of all, to those of you who did not receive the timely service that you normally expect out of Smith Seed, we are very sorry. You have our commitment to doing a better job with timing and scheduling in the future. Secondly, it looks like we are completing our backlog and are nearly ready for new business. So, if you have been holding off at submitting new coating order, you no longer need to wait.

Thanks again for your understanding and support. We look forward to serving you up the best coating products available at the highest level of service possible!

coated seed

Let’s Talk LowBoy

Earlier this month, a couple of us had the opportunity to visit some Southern farms which had planted LowBoy low-growing annual ryegrass as a cover crop in a corn/cotton rotation. This was the second year these farmers used LowBoy. Last year, they were able to have a successful burndown, with excellent weed-suppression for their cotton.

Additionally, the farmers observed that the soil was more mellow in the LowBoy fields. Finally, thanks to its fibrous root system, LowBoy made it easier for the sprayer rig to travel through without leaving cleat marks.

Learn more about how LowBoy can work in your region by visiting LowBoyRyegrass.com or contacting your Smith Seed representative.