May 2019

May 2019

Let’s Tell Them Together!

Are you looking at attracting more business for you and your customers? Do you want people asking for the products you carry BY NAME? Do you see value in giving your ag and turf clientele value-added seed? So do we!

That’s why we are big fans of working together with you, our customers, to promote our products through your business. This approach has worked well for us in the past, using traditional print, audio, and digital advertising, like the piece shown here on Persist Orchardgrass. (By the way, if you’re not already using Persist in your program, we need to talk!) We also are interested in participating with you in promotional and brand recognition activities, event sponsorships, and the like, where there is mutual benefit to you and to the promotion of our varieties.

If you are interested in learning more about cost-sharing team focused advertising, contact your Smith Seed Representative.

Persist orchardgrass ad
Winter pea roots showing nodulation

New Videos Available

We’ve add multiple new videos at SmithSeed.com and on our Smith Seed YouTube channel. These include videos of clover and cover crop trials in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, cover crop grazing videos from South Carolina, and two new Nitro-Coat videos focused on peas and vetch. Check them out and pass them on to your staff and customers. Rain or shine, these and many other resource are available 24/7.

Help Wanted: Test Sites Needed

Are you interested in helping answer the age-old question, “how does it perform in my area?” Are you tired of seeing data that is simply very difficult to apply to your target market. Well, we are too!

We are looking for customers who have an interest in helping us find farmers and local test location. Interested parties need to be willing to commit to helping us identify and coordinate planting and evaluation of such trials. We will work together to determine what sort of evaluation can be done.

Learn more. Increase your sales. Interact with your customers and get out in the sunshine more! Local trials are both valuable and a lot of fun.

Contact us now for upcoming late summer and fall planting opportunities. Let’s dig in together!