December 2019

December 2019

Don’t Forget the Packaging

Here’s your reminder to check out all we offer through Smith Packaging Services. This is an extensive division of Smith Seed Services, which offers competitively priced packaging supplies especially suited for agricultural products, such as seed, animal feed, grains, and flour. Bags and supplies are also available for industrial and gardening products such as minerals, sand, chemicals, fertilizer, and soil. Smith Packaging offers:

  • Polywoven, multi-wall, BOPP, and polyethylene bags of all sizes including totes
  • Stretch wrap, agriculture silage/bale wrap, and other packaging supplies
  • Custom bag design and printing

Visit SmithPackagingServices.com, or ask your Smith Seed Representative to learn more about how we can help you stay competitive packaging supplies.

Viper Balansa Clover

Balansa clover use and interest continues to grow, much in part to the success of FIXatioN balansa, an excellent winter hardy, late maturing variety that is capable of producing significant biomass. Numerous universities and farmers throughout the country are trying and evaluating this unique legume species.

No wonder, as it can tolerate pH levels as low as 4.5 and survive waterlogged soils, naturally reseed itself, and produce significant pound of nitrogen-rich biomass!

In addition to offering FIXationN, we now offer three other balansas, each with different characteristics. This month, we want to introduce you to Viper balansa.

Early trial results indicate Viper to have very good vigor and establishment. It seems to have a healthy “jump” out of the ground. Limited research has shown good winter hardiness. Further testing is being conducted this year.

We have also observed that Viper has an aggressive early growth pattern, including an earlier flowering date. We have seen this both in the north (see photo) and in the south.

Cover croppers may find this earlier heading date very complimentary to their desired termination dates. The earlier flowering makes nitrogen available soon. Besides providing protein-rich feed, forage managers may find this earlier date allows for more natural reseeding.

Speaking of flowering, it really flowers! This is great for attracting pollinators and wildlife.

A complete tech sheet with detailed planting instructions is available on our website or upon request. Spring supplies are limited, so book yours now.

Viper Balansa clover in a research trial in Ohio