August 2019

August 2019

Harvest, Cleaning, and Shipping Activity: WIDE OPEN

Last month, we reported that the weather had caused a few delays in harvest. Since that time, the weather has been much better and harvest activities have progressed very nicely. Growers are actively cleaning and shipping seed. Pricing seems to be fairly stable on key commodities such as annual ryegrass, early clovers and forage fescues. That’s not so much the case with orchardgrass, turf fescues, and the later clovers. Reported orchardgrass yields are poor, but carryover is keeping the price soft. Turf fescue yields, so far, are down, but with much of the crop left to clean, its not yet known how significant those yields will play into market supply and price. White and red clovers are some of the latest crops to be harvested. Carryover of whites is pretty thin.

There has been good movement on radish, turnips, vetch and peas that has kept their prices stable. New crop on these and other later cover crops is just starting to come in.

As many of you know, this is our peak busy season. Any advance notice regarding shipping, coating and blending needs is most appreciated.

Multiple Choices Available for Hairy Vetches

This year, we have two proprietary hairy vetches available. Choose AU Merit for high yields early in the season. For later maturity and the best late season forage quality, WinterKing is most ideal. Visit the websites listed below. Supplies are limited, so contact your Smith Seed representative soon to place your order.

FrostProof Diploid Annual Ryegrass

Looking for a cold hardy, high yielding diploid annual ryegrass? If so, our FrostProof may be just the ticket. FrostProof is the result of a multi-location breeding process including cycling germplasm at the Noble Foundation in Ardmore, OK, selections in Scottsbluff, NE, as well as germplasm from selection in North Carolina and Florida. Prior to release to the marketplace, FrostProof was evaluated extensively for over ten years. Since its release, FrostProof continues to show itself as a great option for warm-season overseeding as well as providing short term forage in cool-season climates. It also comes in a unique, eye-catching bag.

Visit www.FrostProofryegrass.com, where you can review trial data, learn more about its performance and review the gallery of photos. Contact your Smith Seed representative for pricing and purchase information. FrostProof may be unavailable in certain regions.

FrostProof bag
Closeup of FrostProof diploid annual ryegrass