September 2017

September 2017

What’s going on out West??

For those who haven’t been in the industry long, the drama of the 2017 harvest might seem quite frightening. Is this how it is every year?? Fortunately, not. Yet still, it seems like the past few years of minimal carryover inventory, increased competition for acres (like hazelnuts), and growing export markets are turning the summer harvest months into anything but a time of tranquility.

This year’s big twist was unexpected and surprising low yields. Even most of the old timers didn’t see this coming . While most all the crops looked good before windrowing, it was a different story by the time they went through the combine and cleaners. Hardest hit have been crops grown on wetter ground. Oregon had a wetter than average winter, which now folks are saying appears to have adversely affected these acres, while conversely benefiting the higher ground. Unfortunately, there are many acres of key crops, like annual ryegrass and tall fescue that are grown on wetter ground. Bottom line? Less than expected yields, resistance at growers to price crops, less readily available seed, and higher prices - much higher than we’ve seen recently, and higher than many have ever seen in the industry - particularly on annual ryegrass and tall fescue.

Here’s more reality: The drama is not over. We’re not close to being out of the woods yet, so hang on.

AUMerit Hairy Vetch is Ready to Ship

As announced earlier this year we are very excited to offer AU Merit hairy vetch. AU Merit was bred by Auburn University specifically for high forage and biomass production and early flowering. The result is a variety which exhibits high forage yields (up to 12% higher than common hairy vetch), early maturity, good disease resistance, excellent seedling vigor and tolerance to a wide range of soil types. AU Merit is nearly ½ month earlier than other hairy vetch cultivars.

Seed is now available in raw, coated and OMRI coated forms and comes in an attractive branded bag, as well as bulk totes. See attached tech sheet and visit AUMeritVech.com for more information.

Hairy vetch
New planting field.

The Doctor is IN! Dr. Don Floyd Joins Smith Seed Services

We are even more excited to announce that Dr. Donald (Don) Floyd has joined our team. Don received his PhD through Oregon State University and is known for his breeding working with ryegrasses. Don established his first research facility right here in Halsey, OR back in 1982. In 2006, he was awarded the “Breeder of the Year” by the U.S. Turfgrass Breeders Association.

Don will be developing and directing a full line research program as we advance our proprietary offerings and other research endeavors. We look forward to how he will benefit you our customers. Feel free to contact Don at 541-369-1969. (If you want to send him a welcome gift, we understand that seed samples are always received with a childlike excitement!)