December 2016

December 2016

Ready to Renovate?

Last winter we ‘softly’ introduced Renovation white clover, having limited availability and new production fields. In 2016 ,we were able to successfully increase production and can now offer this valuable forage tool on a larger scale. We will also be increasing our promotional efforts significantly in 2017. We are also not the only ones talking up Renovation. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation ran a powerful press release this past fall that was picked up by numerous media sources. Also extension folks throughout the country are now including Renovation in their recommendations.

So strictly from a distribution perspective - new product, strong promotion, good availability - these are all reasons to carry and promote a product, right? If the above wasn’t enough, let’s consider some other reasons why you should carry and promote Renovation white clover:

  1. White clover is a valuable protein source for increased animal gains. As years of data have shown, it is especially valuable in pastures,. Renovation is a superior choice because Renovation is highly stoloniferous and long-living, making it predictable and affordable contributor of protein.
  2. White clover is a known nitrogen provider. Whether as a companion or cover crop, Renovation offers free nitrogen year-round. Renovation is Nitro-coated® to ensure the highest level of Rhizobium and maximum nodulation. With low seeding rates and high longevity, Renovation’s pays dividend for years.
  3. The costs associated with using toxic fescue continue to be shown. As this information is disseminated, solutions to the problem nearly always include the use of a grazing tolerant white clover. As we see more farmers mitigate their toxic fescue pastures, the increased usage and need for the right white clover matches Renovation’s profile to a tee. This is a growing market.
  4. The wildlife market is healthy and strong. This market desires clovers which can spread, be browsed heavily, and are long-lived. Renovation not only fits this bill, but we have packaged it in 25# attractive bags that promote it’s multipurpose use to include the wildlife audience.

So, get ready to Renovate. Learn more at RenovationClover.com or by contacting your Smith Seed representative.

Note: Distribution agreements may limit availability in certain regions.

Got Cajun II? Check!

During a recent visit to the harsh environment of Ardmore, Oklahoma we learned something that is probably already known by the numerous farmers who are already using Cajun II tall fescue. We learned that Cajun II simply out-performs many other fescues, especially under harsh environments.

In the world of breeding, researchers use “check varieties” to see how their programs are progressing. These check varieties are the ones to beat. If a potential new variety line can’t beat the check, then it usually doesn’t advance in the program. Well, the folks at The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation are using Cajun II as their endophyte-free tall fescue check variety. That means Cajun II is the one to beat!

Market/Crop Comments

This fall was a good year for planting in both the Willamette Valley as well as the rest of the Pacific Northwest. This is good news for 2017 crops.

Movement was quite respectable this fall, leaving crop inventories generally either tight or at the most nonburdensome.

Prices going into Spring are also generally stable with a few exceptions. These exceptions relate mostly to tighter crops. These tight crops will be price sensitive, have restricted availability and will likely be challenged at least through early harvest. These would include: annual ryegrass, orchardgrass and bluegrass.

On the ‘watch list’ would be any of the crops that are used in the drought affected South and Southeast. If the drought persists, it may affect usage negatively. However, if there is any relief, the need to replace and repair both turf and forage areas is enormous. We could see some of this repair/replacement work happen this spring, but much of it may not occur until next fall.