December 2015

December 2015


We need your help. We need additional product testimonials and now is a great time to ask your customers to check on how the products you have sold them are performing. As you know, a good testimonial, like the one below pulled off of goodhunting.info is golden. We use these in numerous avenues including our websites, press releases, brochures, and advertisements. These in turn help you and your customers sell more product.

We are specifically looking for testimonials on Lynx, Cajun II and Fixation. Of course, testimonials on our other varieties are just as important. Will you help?

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Lynx Pea Testimonial

“This year I planted Lynx winter peas in my wildlife food plots and they are on 'em heavy. The Lynx pea suppose to be more palatable and sweeter than the Australian winter pea that I normally plant. It also fixes its own nitrogen and thus is a good soil builder. The way they are eating them I will be putting them in for years to come. I also put them in the big grain drill and drilled them in the pastures with oats and rye so I’ve got about 200 acres of mixed, oats, fescue, Lynx winter peas, clover, rye, and rape. The cows are enjoying the mix also.” - NC/SC - 12/15