September 2013

September 2013

Tall Fescue: Titans Grow A Following

Sales and interest in our Titan tall fescues continue to grow. Call it a grass-roots campaign if you will, but people just like the results they are getting when they plant Titan genetics. Take the following examples from very different parts of the country:

Georgia - “I bought Titan Rx last fall. I live on Lake Hartwell in a forest. The seed has now turned my yard into a showpiece. Many of my friends have now purchased the seed for their yards. Thanks for the product.” - H.H. , Lavonia, GA

Mississippi -“Titan blend family of grasses are incredible. I planted the TLC blend in the spring of 2010 in my backyard where it is shaded with intermittent sun exposure during the day. I live in the Mississippi Delta and this grass has performed great, especially when the last 2 summers have been extremely hot, humid and dry. I would recommend this grass for any of those thinking of planting in the southern zone. It definitely can handle it.” Marshall, Cleveland, MS

Maryland - “I found it to be very good with color and growth…I trust and recommend your product to my neighbors and friends. I find your product to be more effective than any of the other name brands! “- JL in Pikesville, MD

Ohio - “I swear by TLC, versus swearing at Kentucky blue!!! I think I have the best looking front lawn in the ‘hood!!! I even have neighbors who tell me their favorite ‘pattern’ for me to cut the grass” -Jeff in Marion, OH

Minnesota - “Titan fescue is incredible.” Sheldon in Chicago City, MN

You can read more Titan testimonials and learn more about Titan Rx, Titan Ultra, TLC, and TLC Plus at TitanFescue.com. And as always, give us a call to find out how you can carry these varieties and/or how we can help support you if you are already a Titan fan.

Titan Rx tall fescue lawn
TLC Blend grass in a lawn
Titan Ltd lawn
Titan Ltd lawn in Kentucky

How Grass Grows Part 7 Shoot Development: Rhizome and Stolon Development

“Two other ways that certain grasses spread are by development of rhizomes or stolons. Rhizomes are underground stems that develop from crown axillary buds and elongate horizontally through the soil. New tillers develop from rhizome nodes, break through the soil surface, and begin to photosynthesize. Stolons also arise from crown axillary buds, creeping along the soil surface, rooting at nodes, and developing new tillers. Stolons and rhizomes are of primary importance for recovery from wear.”

VA Tech’s How Grass Grow’s interactive presentation. See full presentation under our Resources at SmithSeed.com.

Illustration showing a rhizome and stolon growing from the base of a grass plant.
Illustration showing a rhizome and stolon growing from the base of a grass plant and producing other grass plants.