April 2010

April 2010

Market Watch

As usual, March-April movement has been dictated by the weather. For many parts of the country, especially the Northeast, that has meant good movement in forages, and turf. For other parts of the country, poor weekend weather has hindered turf sales. While domestic clover usage (esp. red clover) was hampered by the quick turn in weather, recent export activity has actually caused some clover prices (esp. white clover) to increase. Recent movement of creeping red fescue from Canada has been pleasantly good. Movement of common bluegrass and other turfgrasses, many from prompt, new sales, rather than previous bookings, has also been quite encouraging.

Looking forward, we would expect the “take it as you need” approach will continue through the next month, but also anticipate a change toward more forward booking and selective inventory increases at the distributor level as we approach summer and anticipated increases in the price of some crops.

Tillage Radish® Now Available

As you may have noticed, we’ve been increasing our cover crop seed options. Last year, we introduced Windham Peas, modified our price sheet to include a dedicated cover crop section, and in general, sold more cover crop seeds. With recognition that this is a market many of our customers are needing to address, we are now pleased to offer a radish product known as Tillage Radish®.

In the cover crop circles, Tillage Radish® is recognized as the most prominent cover crop radish product. Tillage Radish® was developed by Steve Groff with the help of the University of MD, other researchers and farmers over a number of years (almost 10!) Through those years, Tillage Radish® has continually been refined by on-farm and university selections and now comes with an assurance of predicable performance. It is called “a cover crop that increases crop yields by improving soil quality.

Over the next few months we will be adding more information about Tillage Radish® to our website and other resource channels, like this newsletter. For now, and in the future, you can learn more about Tillage Radish® by contacting us directly or by visiting TillageRadish.com. The extensive TillageRadish.com website offers information, including research results regarding soil compaction, nitrogen capturing, future crop yields, descriptions of types of radishes, as well as planting and management information.

Tillage Radish® is the registered trademark of Cover Crop Solutions, LLC, a Green Tillage, LLC company

Ten Keys to a Profitable Forage Program

Key #8 - Minimize Stored Feed Requirements

Stored feed is one of the most expensive aspects of animal production, so lowering requirements reduces costs. Extending the grazing season with use of both cool season and warm season forages, stockpiling forage, and grazing crop residues are example of ways stored feed needs can be reduced.

From “Ten Keys to a Profitable Forage Program” www.uky.edu/Ag/Forage/Ten Keys.pdf