December 2007

December 2007

Market Watch

If you haven’t been following the markets lately, this month’s price list may look like it has some type-os. Markets continue to be strong with bluegrass being the story of the day. Some said that prices would get this high, but to actually see them on a price sheet is another thing. If prices stay this high, we may need armed guards to escort shipments!

“The Good Ole Days?”

One of our distributors pulled out a price list for the Spring of 1988. Here are some items he listed as Spring pricing for his dealers:

  • 98/85 Kentucky Bluegrass - $205
  • Baron Kentucky Bluegrass - $265
  • Adelphi Kentucky Bluegrass - $315
  • Turf-Type Tall Fescue - $131
  • Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass - $125
  • Creeping Red Fescue - $113
  • Annual Ryegrass - $35

Stop The Noise - Plant More Grass

“Landscape plants, including grasses, reduce undesirable noise levels by 20-30%. In many cities, continuous, intense and persistent noise has already reached levels that may well threaten the very foundation of community life. Any noise above 90 decibels in intensity and 4000 cycles per second in frequency induces a generalized arterial spasm that subjects the heart to abnormal strain.”

What to do about this? According to the Lawn Institute, “plants screen out certain sounds by modifying climatic conditions, as well as by absorbing, deflecting, reflecting and refracting noise. Grass plants have the ability to absorb sound...Turf grown on the banks of a lowered expressway reduces traffic noise twice that of (pavement). Grassy slopes facing a noise source depressed 15-20 feet down slope may reduce noise by as much as 8-10 decibels. Sounds that do penetrate lawns and gardens are rendered softer and less irritating. Also, plants make their own sounds which help mask more offensive noises. Lawns and gardens are restful places to enjoy the outdoors.”

Excerpted from The Lawn Institute Special Topic Sheet (1991)

Whatcha Think?

Some of our best ideas come from you, our customers. With that in mind, we would like your input on the following questions. Your comments can be sent to jonathan@smithseed.com or faxed to 888-550-2930:

  1. If we were to focus on making ONE change this next year, what would you like to see us change?
  2. In addition to the above question, what other products or services would you like us offer
  3. We will likely be doing some updates to our websites. Is there anything on those sites that you would like to see us add/change? If we had a secured area, would you be interested in seeing “special” lots or offerings online?