April 2006

April 2006

Market Watch

It looks like the industry is being blessed with a favorable spring this year. The weather is generally cooperating and the attitude of the marketplace seems to be quite active and optimistic. Hopefully, you will be so busy that you will only have time to skim this issue!

The Bag Guys

Did you know that Smith Seed Service has a complete bag division? Managed by David Del Valle along with sales representatives Galen Baker and long-time bagman Ed Herb, the SSS Bag Division represents numerous manufacturers of polywoven, polyethylene, paper, and the new BOPP laminated bags. These new BOPP bags are a polywoven bag overlayed with a polyethylene overlay. BOPP technology offers a lower cost option to clay-coated bags, while still retaining the ability to display photo-quality graphics. These and many other bag related supplies are all available as part of your seed shipments or separate purchases. Contact the Bag Guys directly at 541-369- 2850 or e-mail David at davidd@smithseed.com.

  • Polywoven Bags - Utilizing both domestic and imported sources we provide both plain and printed bags.
  • Polyethylene Bags -Thanks in part to the relationships developed by our seed packaging division, we are able to provide polyethylene bags in any shape and size for any application, from feed to seed to fertilizer, ice melt or whatever application you need.
  • Paper Bags - Any thickness, open-mouth or valve pack, clay coated, plain, or printed...we’ve got it all!
  • Bulk Bag - Totes in all sizes.
  • Other Bags - Burlap bags, sand bags, mesh produce bags.
  • Plastic Pallet Covers - Reduce bag breakage caused by UV exposure.
  • Bag Closure Products - Fishbein Sewing machines, parts and service available. Threads – 8 oz. to 20 lbs. cones.

Speaking of Bags

We now stock a number of different generic bags available that we can both fill with seed - always our preference - or sell empty. Here is a list of our most popular:

  • Diamond Brand - avail. in 50’s, 25’s, 10’s, & 5’s
  • ”Quality Grass Seed” - avail in 50’s & 25’s
  • ”Grass Seed” - avail in 50’s & 25’s
  • LAWN Grass Seed - avail in 10’s, 5’s, 3’s, and 1’s