September 2002

September 2002

Crop Talk

All of the grasses have been harvested in the Pacific Northwest. Harvest continues on various clovers. There are a few more acres of white clovers. Red clover acres are down, probably 40-50%. There is carryover of Red clover, but with normal usage it should disappear by spring. Lots of Tall Fescue acres are being plowed this fall, perhaps 50,000 or more. With wheat prices increasing, it is possible that we won't have overproduction of Tall Fescue or Ryegrasses next year.

Market Watch

Because of uncertainties in "Bluegrass country", common bluegrass prices increased sharply this past month. A lawsuit filed against growers could severely curtail field burning. This could significantly reduce yields in the future and fuel ongoing market volatility. The Fine Fescue market also strengthened in August. With the wheat market strengthening, we expect significant increase in wheat acres this fall. This should be attractive to many grass seed growers who will be willing to plow out grass seed fields and plant wheat.


As we focus more of our efforts and promotion on introducing Titan Ltd, the third generation in the Titan line, there are still many reasons why Titan 2 continues to be very popular. Remember the Titans!

  • “Many of the turfgrass plots developed brown patch in the mid-summer of 1999. We found Kentucky-31 w/endophyte, Apache II, Olympic Gold, Red Coat, Tar Heel and Titan 2 to be the most resistant.’ – Kansas State University 2001Turfgrass Research Report
  • Category 1 – Recommended Tall Fescue Variety for 2002-2003 Maryland-Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendation Work Group
  • On the MU Guide for use in athletic field mixes -University of Missouri- Columbia
  • High in endophyte (90%+)
  • Highest Brown Patch score in Kansas
  • Highest Turf Quality Score in Iowa
  • Top 10 in Turf Quality in Maryland
  • Quick establishment. #1 in NJ, #2 in GA
Titan2 turf-type tall fescue logo

Kansas State University

Brown Patch Resistance


Selected VarietiesBrown Patch
Crossfire II8.3
Falcon II7.7
Jaguar 37.3

Did you know?

Titan Ltd., is now available in the attractive 10 lb “No Limits!” bag. This very attractive poly bag is perfect for retailers. We’ve designed these bags to be eye-catchers that are sure to be welcome with your dealers. The bright yellow and poly bag includes a gusseted bottom and planting instructions. Ask for your sample bags. Better yet, place your order and get some on the shelves!

Front of Titan Ltd. bag