July 2002

July 2002

A Look Back

This last month saw some makeup activity in the Midwest for the poor April-May, as the weather was more cooperative for seeding. Activity levels were encouraging for some parts of the country, while others are hoping that dirt work and seeding not completed this spring will re-emerge in the fall.

Crop Talk

Oregon’s Willamette Valley crops are later than normal due to cooler-than-average spring weather. Most Fawn Tall Fescue is cut. Gulf Annual Ryegrass is being cut. Most crops appear average at this time. There is still some uncertainty about Orchardgrass. This past weekend’s rains have helped the later perennial crops.

Market Watch

Activity in Annual Ryegrass continues at $20/cwt for prompt and $21 for Aug/Sept. Whether it goes up depends a great deal on the size of the crop, and the attitudes of farmers and buyers in July and early August. Forage and Turf-type Tall Fescues are quiet as all eyes are on the Missouri crop. Creeping Red Fescue, Chewings Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass crops all appear to have established a new base level and appear strong enough to maintain current levels going into new crop.


Do your customers complain about their Tall Fescue lawns getting “stressed out” and diseased when summertime heat is in full swing? Even though Tall Fescue is able to endure hot, harsh weather better than most other cool season grasses, it is still susceptible to brown patch disease, heat stress, and drought stress.

Nearly 7 years ago, selected Tall Fescue germplasm from Oregon breeding nurseries was taken to Missouri and intentionally infected (inoculated) with 6 strains of brown patch. Only those plants that exhibited excellent disease resistance and heat tolerance were sent back for further selection. Eventually, after more selection for dark color, upright growth, endophyte, and a host of other characteristics, selections from this germplasm became a variety. That variety is Titan Ltd.

Titan Ltd.’s unique breeding history makes it ideal for the hotter regions of the country, especially those areas that are prone to long periods of heat and humidity. Although NTEP trial results will not be published for another year, a tech sheet and limited trial data are available. Give this variety a serious look! We are now into full production, and ready for your orders. This year, offer your customers an alternative to stress and disease – give them Titan Ltd!

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Did you know?

Smith Seed Services cleans over 20 million pound of seed a year! For those of you who have, or are considering having, your own branded annual ryegrass, this service could be a substantial savings opportunity. Want to know more? Just ask!