Cover Crop Trials - Video Series

Watch a walk-through of three cover crop trials from Ohio and South Carolina. These videos showcase the performance of a variety of cover crop species. 

From the Ohio State University trials (filmed in mid-April and mid-May in South Charleston, OH) we made these observations:

First, by mid-April, some cover crop species are still waking up. For these species, unless April and at least part of May are available for them to stay in the ground, their contribution could be limited.

Second, there are marked differences in weed control. For example, the radish provided excellent weed suppression, compared to some other species, making it a powerful ally when early planting is vital.

The Clemson University trials (filmed in early April in Clemson, SC) showed that location makes a difference. South Carolina soils are warmer later in the year and warm up earlier in the year. Winters are shorter and less harsh. In this type of location, winter active varieties and species thrive.

Featured Cover Crop Varieties

Check out these cover crops seen in the trials. Contact us for pricing and availability.

AU Merit was bred for high forage yields, early maturity, and wide adaptation.

Deep-rooted CCS 779 radish is a powerful multipurpose cover crop tool able to capture nutrients, improve soil and reduce weeds.

LowBoy low-growing annual ryegrass is an innovative new tool for cover crop systems.