FIXatioN Balansa Clover

A very high-yielding balansa known for its improved cold-tolerance and late-maturity.

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Not your typical clover.

FIXatioN has a unique rosette growth pattern and an attractive flower. Its pink-to-white flower is a fantastic pollinator attractant. One plant can have over 30 flowers and produces a sweet and uniquely flavored honey.

FIXatioN has extensive growth. Its stems can grow up to 10ft long and support up to 3 ft. of growth! During the first stage of development, most of FIXatioN's growth occurs below the surface of the soil. The plant needs to establish its robust root system to support vigorous top growth that occurs later.

In the northern states, the clover will remain dormant in the winter. When ambient temperatures warm up in the spring, the growth begins. FIXatioN is not a host for soybean cyst nematodes.

Fixation balansa clover close-up
Fixation balansa clover seeds

Small seed, big benefits.

FIXatioN's most impressive capability is saving you money. It's seed is small and economical. Although it may be more expensive per pound compared to other annual clovers, it is cheaper on a per acre basis. We recommend 5-8 lbs as a mono-culture or 3-5 lbs/acre in a mix. With its incredible ability to fix nitrogen in your soil, not to mention its ability to suppress weeds with its incredible stems, it basically pays for itself.

Roots that share and give back.

FIXatioN has a long taproot which allows it to dig deep into the soil profile, break up soil compaction and improve nutrient and water infiltration. It's root system is capable of 18" of growth in just 45 days! FIXatioN draws water and nutrients from far below surrounding plant roots and its tap roots share limited resources while creating channels for water and subsequent crops.

Nitrogen Contribution

FIXatioN can fix over 250 lbs of nitrogen per acre, which equates to about $78.75 savings in nitrogen fertilizer.* The nitrogen collected in the plant is released annually back into the soil through root nodules.

*Based on 2015 projections at fair value N prices - $630/ton.

FIXatioN and forage.

Livestock and wildlife love FIXatioN for its excellent palatability and digestibility! It is ideal for forage because it is nutrient dense and produces high yields. With FIXatioN's high crude protein levels and relative feed value, you will see better gains and healthier animals. Here are the facts:

  • RFV as high as 277
  • Crude protein up to 28.4
  • 5,250 lbs/acre dry matter

Due to the large amounts of biomass produced, FIXatioN performs best for hay when blended with small grains or grasses. When sown with grains or grasses we recommend that the grasses or grains be sown at 60-70% of their normal rate and FIXatioN to be seeded at 5-8 lbs per acre.

Fixation Clover with lots of biomass
Fixation in a wildlife food plot

A wildlife favorite.

FIXation tolerates moderate salinity and typically challenging soil conditions such as sandy soil. Tolerates a wide range of soil types such as, low pH, negative temperatures, and even swampy areas.

FIXatioN establishes your food plot as a wildlife favorite food source. Deer love FIXatioN because of the large amount of biomass it produces. FIXatioN is also a favorite of deer, elk, game birds and even waterfowl.

FIXatioN should be seeded 45 days prior to the hunting period in most cases. It will also continue to produce large amounts of highly nutritious forage long after hunting season is over. This will lead to larger, healthier wildlife in the following year and will make your favorite hunting spot their favorite food source as well.

An ideal rotation crop.


FIXatioN can be broadcasted into standing corn in the V7-V8 stage. The clover will sprout, but exhibit little foliar growth until the corn begins to dry down or the corn is removed.


FIXatioN is excellent when following small grains. We recommend that FIXatioN be drilled for best results. Be careful you don’t drill too deep! The seedbed should be firm and the seed planted at 1/4" of an inch depth.


FIXatioN offers amazing performance in wet or water-logged soils, making it the perfect cover crop for rice! Capable of producing large amounts of nitrogen, FIXatioN will reduce fertility costs for your following crop.


FIXatioN is an excellent cover crop for cotton due to its high nitrogen fixation.

Pasture Usage

Northern Region

FIXatioN is ideal for pasture since it is a re-seeding annual clover. Fall sown FIXatioN will grow rapidly during the spring flush of cool-season grasses. As the growth rate of the cool-season grasses diminish, so will that of FIXatioN. If re-seeding is desired, livestock should be removed in June and the clover should be allowed to flower. The clover will then die off prior to the stressful summer period, releasing nitrogen for your grass. As an added benefit, the grass roots can follow the channels created by the decaying clover tap roots, allowing them access to moisture that otherwise would be unavailable. In the fall, when conditions are optimal, the seed produced will germinate and the cycle will begin again. It is important to note that it may be necessary to re-seed if flower production is lacking.

Southern Region

FIXatioN is excellent for over seeding warm-season grasses. When continuously grazed, FIXatioN will continue to produce tillers and improve the overall quality. FIXatioN is the best annual clover for Southern pastures featuring wet soils or soils with low pH. FIXatioN will easily transition out in the late spring, allowing the warm-season grasses to get a quick start in greening back up. The nitrogen created by FIXatioN will give the warm-season grasses a boost in vigor. This means quicker fill-in, fewer weeds, and improved forage yields.

Coating FIXatioN.

Balansa clover requires inoculation with a specific strain of Rhizobium which helps the plants fix nitrogen in the soil. Nitro-Coat® is used to ensure successful inoculation of FIXatioN. FIXatioN's coating also makes the seed heavier and larger, creating an easier planting process. Organic coating is available upon request.

Coated Balansa clover