Noviembre 2012

November 2012

Diamond Brand gets new bag sizes

This winter we are adding 25# and 50# polywoven bags sizes to our versatile Diamond Brand bag line. Both of these larger sizes are available in the same six colors as the original three smaller sizes (2-3#, 5-7#, and 17- 20# bags), and are designed to compliment the smaller sizes for both retail and professional audiences.

Our Diamond bags are eye-catching, yet clean and simple. Best of all, the Diamond Brand bag program is designed to be either a turnkey packaging solution as well as a do-it-yourself option. As a turnkey solution, you simply bring us your seed and packaging requirements and we provide you a finished line. As a do-it-yourself option, we provide you with the bags, tags, and whatever seed you need. You fill them and customize them at your facility. Call us to learn more about the Diamond Brand packaging solutions, or visit DiamondTurfgrass.com.

Diamond bags showing available sizes and colors

Spring Supplies Limited

Regardless of the reasons, and there are many, most cool season grass seed crops, as well as legumes will be in short supply until new crop. Furthermore, some species, such as Kentucky bluegrass and creeping red fescue, may continue to become even shorter next year. As indicated by prices and specific variety availability (i.e. - some varieties “sold out”), we are currently in a window of time that requires distributors to be booking ahead, especially if their needs require specific varieties or quality limitations.

While it has been a few years since the industry needed to be so forward thinking, the rummage piles of seed simply no longer exist. Few are the “blue light specials”. Remember when you’d be sent a list of off-quality lots? Not there. Need a bargain? Good luck. If you think you will need it, buy it or at least book it. If you see a possible bargain come across your desk, assess whether you can use it and then decide quickly. If you wait two days to get back to your supplier with a bid, it just might be gone.

Is this all bad news? Not really. First, everyone’s in the same boat. That means your competitors are probably playing by the same rules. (Not to say, they didn’t step up to the plate when you should have; but you know what we mean.) Second, when the industry as a whole is selling what we produce, instead of sitting on it for years, its good for everyone. There is a positive attitude at the grower level as well as with suppliers and distributors. Finally, higher prices mean higher margins. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Birdsfoot is Back!

After numerous years of very limited supply, it appears that production of birdsfoot trefoil seed has made a comeback. Seed supplies have been so short over the past few years that many traditional users were forced to abandon any attempt at getting this very useful legume. Roadside and highway departments stopped specifying it and many farmers gave up even asking for this long-lived deep-rooted perennial legume. Birdsfoot has helped many a farmer, wildlife enthusiast, and soil conservationist. Now that the industry has some, it will be a bit of an education to inform users of the good news. Sort of like an old friend moving back into town - even if most folks don’t know it yet, it’s still good news. Pass the word - birdsfoot is back and we hope it stays

birdsfoot trefoil