Trébol rojo

One of the oldest true clovers to be sown, red clover has many uses, including hay and grazing, soil building and wildlife food source. We offer both proprietary genetics and public varieties, with various degrees of regional adaptation and disease resistance. Seed is available in bulk totes or smaller bag to match your needs. While we sell raw, we strongly recommend purchasing with our Nitro-Coat® pre-inoculant and coating for optimal biomass and root production.

  • GA-9908

    Trébol Rojo Mediano

    Un trébol adaptado al sur criado para mejorar el rendimiento del pastoreo, GA-9908 es un valioso forraje para heno, pastoreo, cultivos de cobertura y vida silvestre.

  • Red clover plants

    Trébol Rojo

    Trifolium Pratense L.

    In addition to GA-9908, we offer numerous public varieties, including mammoth and medium red clover.